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How to Submit an Advertisement or Job Posting

IPA routinely posts information about local and national career opportunities for psychologists on our website.  Additionally, other services may also be advertised to members via the site.  Ads on the IPA website are $100 per month (non-members) and $49 per month (members).

Click Here to Submit a Website Ad!

Ads are also accepted for our quarterly newsletter, The Iowa Psychologist (TIP)
The rates for advertising in TIP are:
Full page: $395.00
1/2 page: $260.50
2 Column: $29.00 per inch
1 Column: $15.50 per inch

To submit an ad for publication send email to [email protected] or phone the IPA Central Office at 515-802-6666

Four issues per year.  Ad due dates for issues:

Winter--December 1; publication December 15

Spring--March 1; publication March 15

Summer--June 1; publication June 15

Fall--September 1; publication September 15


Size requirements:

Full page: 580 pixels wide x 760 pixels tall

Half page (horizontal): 580p x 370p

Half page (vertical): 280 x 760

Quarter page: 280 x 370

Third page: 580 x 240

In all cases, IPA reserves the right to reject any submissions.