IPA Early Career Psychologist Committee Duties

Created: July 2020 by Maggie Doyle, PsyD
Desired capacity: 1 chair (or 2 co-chairs) and 7-9 active members


ECP Committee Chair (3 hours per month):

1)      Organize ECP committee meetings (2 hours every 3 months)

  • Chair the Committee Meetings – currently quarterly, but at the discretion of the committee
  • Create agenda, minutes, Zoom link, and task lists

2)      Coordinate two ECP scholarships, such as updating scholarship and sending emails to listserve/E-list asking for applications, awarding scholarship (2 hours per year)

3)      Send ECP welcome emails to new ECP members (varies, 10 minutes per month)

4)      Respond to relevant emails and requests (varies, 15 minutes per month)

5)      Prepare EC report and attendance at EC (suggested but not required) (3 hours every 2 months)

6)      Maintain the committee group E-list (TBD)

7)      Delegate tasks, including the tasks listed on this document, as needed (varies, 15 minutes every 4 months, typically at meetings)


Optional Duties:

Coordinate an ECP related CE training


Possible tasks in future:

Assist with leadership development institute (TBD)


ECP Committee Members:

1)      Attend 4 hour-long meetings per year either via Zoom or in-person, if applicable (1 hour every 3 months)

a)      During meeting, participate in planning, brainstorming, and implementation of events that further the goals of the ECP committee such as increasing ECP involvement with IPA

b)      Volunteer for tasks discussed during meetings

2)      Assist with choosing ECP scholarship winners, such as scoring applications (2 hours once per year)

3)      Post on the ECP FB page relevant content (time varies)


Additional Duties for Chair and/or Member:

1)      Participate in membership committee (1 hour per month)

2)      Participate in website committee (1 hour per month)

3)      Administrate the ECP FB page (times varies)

4)      Update ECP IPA website page as needed (TBD)

5)      Encourage other ECPs to join the committee