In Response to the Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

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On behalf of the Disaster Response Committee, we would like to extend our support to those affected by the recent 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck southeastern Turkey near the border with Syria on Monday, February 6th. The earthquake, followed by numerous aftershocks, has resulted in the deaths of over 40,000 people across Turkey and Syria. Tens of thousands more have been injured, millions are predicted to be left homeless, and more than 5,700 buildings have collapsed. The situation is further complicated by inclement weather, severely damaged infrastructure, and treacherous road conditions. This earthquake is predicted to be the deadliest on record for Turkey and Syria. 

As this disaster has unfolded in Turkey and Syria, we recognize that there are many other disasters occurring around the world. While we cannot respond to every situation, we acknowledge the widespread suffering and aim to provide support and resources when possible.

Some general disaster-related resources:

Current disaster response efforts in Turkey/Syria and donation opportunities:

  • Red Cross, Red Crescent Teams: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) comprises chapters of both the Red Cross and the Red Crescent across the world. Currently, they have volunteers on the ground in Syria and Turkey who are rescuing, sheltering, and providing immediate medical care to those impacted by the disaster. 

  • Global Giving: Currently, they're providing aid to a number of disaster efforts in Puerto Rico, Pakistan, Ukraine, East Africa, along with Turkey and Syria.

  • CARE: Currently, they have volunteers providing sustenance, medical attention, and shelter to those in Syria and Turkey in the wake of the earthquake.

  • UNICEF: They are working in both Syria and Turkey to reunite separated families, provide traumatized children with psychosocial support, facilitate temporary educational spaces, and repair damage done to critical infrastructure.

  • Doctors Without Borders: Medically-focused non-profit organization on the ground in Turkey and Syria since the first hour of the disaster. They have been working to search for and rescue survivors, provide life-saving medical care, and support traumatized victims in the aftermath of the disaster.

Note, resources provided in this blog post were collected from other organizations or websites and do not contain original content created by the Iowa Psychological Association. 


IPA Disaster Response Committee

Sources: US Geological Survey, LandScan / Graphic: Henrik Pettersson, CNN

Photo Credit: Emin Ozmen for The New York Times 

Photo Credit: Omar Haj Kodour/AFP

Photo Credit: Mehmet Kaman/Andolu Agency/Getty Images

Photo Credit: Hussein Malla/AP

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