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APA Services stops abusive insurance recoupment demands over $100,000

Months of advocacy lead to Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa withdrawing demands for payment from psychologists.

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A Survey of Psychologist Demographic Characteristics and Factors that Influence the Practice of Psychology in Iowa

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The Iowa Psychological Association applies the practice and science of psychology to promote the health and human welfare of the diverse individuals who call Iowa home. We support Iowans through education, service and advocacy.  Additionally, we provide a caring and collaborative professional  organization to advance the interests of psychologists. IPA is the only organization offering advocacy specific to the psychologists of Iowa.  If you would like to join a thriving and diverse group committed to advocating for our profession, click here to find out what IPA can do for you!   


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IPA is committed to providing advocacy, education and training, and professional support for psychologists in Iowa.  Additionally, IPA strives to educate the public about mental health and wellness and to support training efforts for psychologists at all career stages.  Donations from members and our larger community support student scholarships for our continuing education events, clinical training opportunities for psychology students and post-doctoral fellows, advocacy with our state and Federal representatives, and our public outreach missions.  Please consider supporting the mission of IPA with a donation to our general fund.

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Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Iowa Psychological Association actively encourages the participation of all psychologists and psychologists in trainingWe welcome participation from those with diverse identities across age, race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, disability, political beliefs, religious or spiritual affiliation, and sexual or affectional orientation.  We are an organization of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds who have a core unifying identity as Psychologists who practice in Iowa. We strive to use our diverse experiences to address the unique needs of our clients and communities in Iowa.

We recognize that we hold attitudes and beliefs, which are unintentional or outside our awareness, that influence our perceptions of, and interactions with others. We acknowledge that when these attitudes and beliefs are based in prejudice they can lead us to act in ways that harm others. As we aim not to harm others, we are committed to increasing our awareness, knowledge, and appreciation for all aspects of diversity. 

Our goal is to be alert to aspects of diversity in our culture that were previously unseen or unacknowledged, and to commit to collaborating with multicultural groups to combat racism and other forms of prejudice by promoting diversity in our society.  We are dedicated to increasing our multicultural awareness, competencies, and effectiveness in our roles as educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers, and practitioners. We do this through continued education, self-reflection, collaboration, and immersion into the richness that is found in diversity.