State Legislative Efforts

IPA works closely with lawmakers and lobbyists at the state level to advance issues for psychologists.  IPA has successfully worked with our  lobbyists at the Iowa legislature, Amy Campbell and Craig Patterson of Campbell/Patterson Consulting, LLP, on a number of different initiatives for the benefit of Iowa psychologists and trainees.  These include Provisional Licensure for post-doctoral psychologists as well as Psychologist Prescriptive Authority.  

While the legislature is in session, our lobbyists post regular reports designed to keep IPA members apprised of the status of pending legislation of interest and to notify Iowa psychologists of opportunities for action. You can also use CPC's online Bill Tracker to follow the progress of legislation of interest to IPA.

Lobbyist Reports from the 2021 Legislative Session

Legislative Capitol Report #6, April 6, 2021Legislative Capitol Report #5, Mar 20, 2021
Legislative Capitol Report #4, Mar 5, 2021
Legislative Capitol Report #3, Feb 20, 2021
Legislative Capitol Report #2, Feb 5, 2021
Legislative Capitol Report #1, Jan 23, 2021

Lobbyist Reports from the 2020 Legislative Session

Legislative Review, Jun 18, 2020
Capitol Report Mar 7, 2020
Capitol Report Feb 23, 2020

Capitol Report Feb 9, 2020

Capitol Report Jan 24, 2020

Lobbyist Reports from the 2019 Legislative Session

Capitol Report April 18, 2019

Capitol Report April 7, 2019

Capitol Report March 9, 2019

Capitol Report Feb 24, 2019

Capitol Report Feb 9, 2019

Lobbyist Reports from the 2018 Legislative Session

Lobbyist Report #7

Lobbyist Report #6

Lobbyist Report #5

Lobbyist Report #4

Capitol Report Feb 18, 2018

Capitol Report Feb 4, 2018

Capitol Report Jan 20, 2018 

Lobbyist Reports from the 2017 Legislative Session