Legislative Breakfast

 Each February, IPA members meet with state legislators in the Capitol in Des Moines to discuss issues relevant to Iowa psychologists and to advocate for our profession.  In 2019, our legislative priorities included:

Increase funding to expand the postdoctoral psychologist training program.

  • The postdoctoral training program was established in 2008 and has trained 26 psychologists. 
  • 80% of those who completed postdoctoral residencies in Iowa stayed in Iowa.
  • Funding from the Iowa Department of Public Health and community grant partners provide support for training.
  • Our program has emphasized training in rural and underserved areas, and many of the psychologists trained through our program have remained in rural areas serving Iowans.
  • We estimate that more than 12,000 Iowans have received services through the psychologists trained the program.
  • The best way to recruit and retain psychologists for mental health workforce development is to support their training and provide professional community and mentorship.

Allow licensed psychologists to receive reimbursement for delegated psychological services performed by pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows under their direct supervision.

  • The Iowa psychology workforce is very low compared to surrounding states.
  • The best way to recruit and retain psychologists for our mental health workforce is to support their training at the pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral resident/fellow phases.
  • Surrounding states, such as Minnesota, have experienced an increase in psychologists and services to underserved populations through highly qualified trainees reimbursed for providing psychological services

Support ongoing implementation of prescribing authority for psychologists

  • The RxP law was signed in May 2016, since then the boards of medicine and psychology have worked exhaustively to come to mutually agreeable rules.
  • Administrative rules have been adopted and become effective February 20th, 2019.
  • We are now working to have an approved training program accessible to Iowa psychologists seeking prescriptive privilege.