Recent Accomplishments

  • In late 2019, under the leadership of Past-IPA President Dr. Warren Phillips, the IPA Executive Council collaborated with the American Psychological Association (APA) Services, Inc. to address Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield’s recoupment demands. This advocacy effort, detailed in an article published by APA, was a huge victory for IPA, APA, and all psychologists in Iowa.


  • Dr. David Beeman, IPA Representative to the Iowa Medicaid Assistance Advisory Council, has engaged in numerous conversations with Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME) to address attempts by an Iowa Managed Care Organization (MCO) to hold providers accountable to unrealistic standards that were not stated in their original contract. Dr. Beeman’s and IPA’s advocacy efforts have paid off as the Department of Health and Humans Services and IME, in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office, have asked the MCO to suspend this unfair practice for behavioral health providers.


  • Dr. Benge Tallman, IPA President, submitted a request to the Iowa Board of Psychology to extend the time required to meet continuing education requirements for license renewal in 2020, due to hardships associated with the COVID-19 public health emergency. Despite the difficulty of the Board extending deadlines, they recognized the need for flexibility under unprecedented circumstances. Following a lengthy discussion prompted by Dr. Tallman’s request, the Board ultimately voted to allow a one-time decrease in the number of required CEUs, from 40 to 32, for the June 30, 2020 license renewal.