Join an IPA Committee!

Service on committees is a great way for members to be creative, create relationships, build skills and ensure the health of IPA .   Some committees do not require a lot of time involvement while others may require weekly or monthly activities.  We seek diversity on all our committees.  Please contact committee chairs below if you are interested in getting involved!

To contact any of the individuals below, please email [email protected].


Federal Advocacy - JoAnna Romero Cartaya, Ph.D.   State Advocacy - Paul Ascheman, Ph.D.

Advocacy for our profession remains a critical function of IPA.  We meet with legislators in February for breakfast and work closely with two professional lobbyists to initiate, track, and respond to legislation

Diversity and Social Justice

Joyce Goins-Fernandez, Ph.D.

The Diversity and Social Justice committee promotes awareness of and advocates for diversity and social justice through all aspects of IPA. This includes identifying and developing diversity initiatives that support the growth of the organization and serve the needs of the public, creating a more welcoming environment for psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals that identify as ethnic minorities, and/or are from marginalized populations, and promoting human values of equality and justice, decreasing the gap in mental health disparities in the state of Iowa by increasing psychologists’ cultural competence via educational opportunities. For more information click here.

Early Career Psychologists

Maggie Doyle. Ph.D.

This committee works to enhance the development of ECP’s by emphasizing support for relationship building, support for professional development, and fostering their voice for leadership in IPA.  Members participate in quarterly meetings and volunteering to assist with other events/functions as needed.


Summer Brunscheen, Ph.D.

This committee provides information, advice, and education on matters of professional ethics to members of IPA. The committee is also concerned about professional ethical conduct of persons who are not members and when questions of professional ethical conduct arise, it may provide information and consultation to appropriate agencies and organizations. The student representative would collaborate with the Ethics Committee to consider and respond to professional ethics questions submitted by IPA members. Our committee also plans for two ethics related presentations for Spring Conference each year.


Jennifer Kauder, Ph.D.

The finance committee provides oversight and assessment of the financial health of IPA to Executive Council. The finance committee, in consultation with the treasurer, also makes recommendations to the Executive Council for changes in budget, accounting procedures, and expenditures.  Meets monthly by Zoom through mutual agreement for dates on a week night evening. Finance committee members spend roughly 1-2 hours per month on committee activities.


Nicole Keedy, Ph.D., Alissa Doobay, Ph.D.

This committee focuses on recruiting, approving, and retaining members of IPA.  Our motto is “Inviting You In,  Keeping Us Connected.”  Time commitment for members averages about 1 hour a week, or more if you take on a project such as writing an article.  Committee members are encourage to attend conferences to maintain an active presence in person for relationship building activities.  This committee  meets by Zoom  on Thursdays once a month 7:30-8:45 PM.  


Elizabeth Lonning, Psy.D.

This committee is interested in exploring ways to educate Iowa psychologists about pharmacological issues to make them better clinicians when working with patients. This committee is interested in educating IPA members about psychologists' movement to gain prescription privileges and studying the process that Louisiana and New Mexico have gone through in securing these privileges. The focus of this committee continues to include talking with IPA members to monitor local interest on the issue, as well.

Public Education

Amanda Johnson, Ph.D., Warren Phillips, Ph.D

This committee strives to raise public awareness of the benefits of psychological intervention, remove information gaps that inhibit access to appropriate care and treatment, and provide public information needed to access mental health services. The committee members collaborate with APA in promotion of psychology to the public through media, advertising, and community outreach programs.

Newsletter - The Iowa Psychologist

Stewart Ehly, Ph.D. 

The newsletter posts information on psychology in Iowa. Members can submit articles any time.  The newsletter committee is open to any member.  Work load typically is an hour per month.


Suzanne Hull

The purpose of the IPA website is to enhance communication by providing access to timely, accurate and useful information about IPA activities. The website provides electronic access to forms and documents, including agendas, minutes, budgets and reports; news; events and meeting schedules. Other information may also be included, provided it is for the benefit of IPA members.

The Iowa Psychological Foundation is a sister organization of IPA, and has its own board of directors that you can join. 

President:   Jim Thorpe, Ph.D


The following are the IPA liaisons to various boards and organizations across the state and nation:


APA Rural Mental Health

Ruth Evans, Ph.D.

APA Committee on Women in Psychology

Laurie Lehn, Ph.D.

APA Committee on Socioeconomic Status

Jane Daniel, Ph.D.

APA Task Force: Psychological Ethics & National Security

Holly Sanger, Ph.D.

Disaster Relief

Earl Kilgore Psy.D.





Iowa Board of Psychology

Brenda Payne, Ph.D., MSCP

 MAC Carrier Advisory Committee 

Douglas Whiteside, Ph.D.

 Medical Assistance Advisory Council

David Beeman, Ph.D.

 Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force

 Lynne Lutze, Ph.D.

 Women's Issue Networks

Julie Jenks-Kettman, Ph.D.