Join an IPA Committee!

Service on committees is a great way for members to be creative, develop relationships, build skills, gain leadership experience, and ensure the health of IPA. The level of time commitment varies by committee. We seek diversity on all our committees. 

Click here to view the IPA Committee Strategic Plan Worksheets that begin on page 33.

If you are interested in joining a committee or wish to contact any of the committee chairs, please email [email protected].

Advocacy Team
Federal Advocacy - JoAnna Romero Cartaya, Ph.D.
State Advocacy - VACANT

The core Advocacy Team members include Federal Advocacy Coordinator, State Advocacy Coordinator, Director of Professional Affairs, Training Director, and Lobbyist. Advocacy for our profession is a critical function of IPA. Responsibilities of the advocacy team include meeting with legislators in February for breakfast, which is coordinated by Dr. Paul Ascheman, and working closely with two professional lobbyists to initiate, track, and respond to legislation. The State and Federal Advocacy Coordinators participate in a monthly advocacy meeting via Zoom, and members are welcome to join and participate in specific advocacy efforts as frequently as desired.

Time commitment: 1-5 hours per month (depending on desired level of investment)
Desired capacity: 2 advocacy coordinators and 3+ active members

Diversity and Social Justice

The Diversity and Social Justice committee promotes awareness of and advocates for diversity and social justice action. This includes identifying and developing diversity initiatives that support the growth of the organization and serve the needs of the public. The DSJ committee is dedicated to creating a more welcoming environment for psychologists and other mental healthcare professionals that identify as ethnic minorities and/or are from marginalized populations. More broadly, there is a focus on promoting human values of equality and justice, and decreasing the gap in mental health disparities in the state of Iowa by increasing psychologists’ cultural competence via educational opportunities. For more information about the DSJ committee click here. To read a detailed job description for chairs and members of the DSJ committee click here.

Time commitment: 1-3 hours per month
Desired capacity: 2 co-chairs and 8 active members


Early Career Psychologists
Maggie Doyle. Psy.D., Isaac W Hooley Ph.D.

This committee works to enhance the development of ECPs by emphasizing support for relationship building, professional development, and fostering leadership in IPA.  Members participate in quarterly meetings and volunteer to assist with other events/functions as needed. To read a detailed job description for chairs and members of the ECP committee click here.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month
Desired capacity: 1 chair (or 2 co-chairs) and 7-9 active members


Committee information coming soon.

Sarah Fetter, Ph.D.

The Finance committee provides oversight and assessment of the financial health of IPA to the Executive Council. The finance committee, in consultation with the treasurer, also makes recommendations to the Executive Council for changes in budget, accounting procedures, and expenditures.  This committee meets via Zoom on a monthly basis.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month
Desired capacity: 1 chair and 7-9 active members

Nicole Keedy, Ph.D., Alissa Doobay, Ph.D.

This committee focuses on recruiting, approving, and retaining members of IPA, as well as fostering relationships and building community.  Our motto is “Inviting You In, Keeping Us Connected.”  Committee members may participate in additional projects, such as writing an article for the blog.  They are encouraged to attend conferences to maintain an active presence for relationship-building activities. This committee meets via Zoom on a monthly basis. To read a detailed job description for chairs and members of the Membership committee click here.

Time commitment: 1-3 hours per month
Desired capacity: 2 co-chairs and 4-6 active members


Program Planning Committee
Nicole Holmberg, Ph.D., Nicole Keedy, Ph.D., Mark Poeppe, PsyD

Elizabeth Lonning, Psy.D., MCSP

This committee is interested in exploring ways to educate Iowa psychologists about pharmacological issues to make them better clinicians when working with patients, including those issues most relevant to prescribing psychologists (RxP). This emphasis includes continuing to advance efforts for Iowa psychologists to obtain their master of science in clinical psychopharmacology (MSCP) through an APA designated program, gathering resources for the clinical assessment and practicum portion of training in Iowa, and continuing to monitor our law for potential fine tuning of language.  The committee also works to offer continuing education opportunities for prescribing psychologists in Iowa as well as licensed psychologists who want to learn more about psychopharmacology.  In addition, committee members serve as ambassadors for the RxP movement in Iowa as well as assist other states who want to pursue introducing legislation in their state.

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month
Desired capacity: 1 chair and 3 active members

Public Education
Warren Phillips, Ph.D, Valerie Keffala, Ph.D.

This committee strives to raise public awareness of the benefits and value of psychological intervention, reduce stigma surrounding mental health,  remove information gaps that inhibit access to appropriate care and treatment, and provide empirically based public information needed to access mental health services. The committee members collaborate with IPA in promotion of psychology to the public through media, advertising, and community outreach programs. Current and past activities of committee members include participating in a public education blog, providing interviews to the media, participating in public education podcasts, leading presentations at community events, and creating public education materials for distribution to the public.

Time commitment: 1-5 hours per month
Desired capacity: 2 co-chairs and 4-6 active members

Strategic Plan Committee
Nicole Keedy, Ph.D., Mark Poeppe, PsyD

Website, E-Communications and Blog (WEB) Committee
Katie Kopp, Ph.D., Suzanne Hull

The purpose of the IPA website is to enhance communication by providing access to timely, accurate and useful information about IPA activities. The website provides electronic access to news, events, and meeting schedules. Additionally, members can use the website to access forms and documents, including agendas, minutes, budgets and reports. Other information may also be included, provided it is for the benefit of IPA members. The blog includes member-written content regarding information related to psychology in Iowa. Members can submit content any time. The website committee is open to any member who wishes to assist in tasks associated with soliciting and compiling blog content.

Blog Website
Time commitment: 1 hour per month
Desired capacity: 1 editor and 2+ members
Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month
Desired capacity: 1 chair and 4-6 members


Disaster Response Committee
Chair: Ashley Freeman, Ph.D.

The Disaster Response Committee supports IPA members and the public in responding to disasters through (1) establishing key partnerships with IPA committees along with local and national disaster-related organizations, (2) educating IPA members and the public on disaster mental health, and (3) supporting efforts to recruit more disaster mental health volunteers in the state of Iowa. For a more detailed description of the DRC Committee, click here.

Meeting frequency: Currently, we meet as needed which is typically every 1-2 months
Time commitment: 1-2 hours per month
Desired capacity: 2 Co-Chairs and 4-10 active members

Click here to access Disaster Response Resources.

Click here to access Disaster Mental Health Training Opportunities

Click here to access Disaster Mental Health Volunteer Opportunities


The Iowa Psychological Foundation is a sister organization of IPA, and has its own board of directors that you can join. More information about IPF is available on the IPA website under the Foundation tab on the top menu bar.

President:  Mary Schenkenfelder, PhD


The following are the IPA liaisons to various boards and organizations across the state and nation:

APA Committee on Women in Psychology

Laurie Lehn, Ph.D.

Iowa Board of Psychology
Paul Ascheman, Ph.D.



Medical Assistance Advisory Council

David Beeman, Ph.D.