Early Career Psychologist Committee

Who Are We?

Early Career Psychologists (ECPs) are within ten years of earning their doctoral degree. The Early Career Psychologist Committee of the Iowa Psychological Association (IPA) recognizes and addresses the unique interests and concerns of ECPs with focused support and resources.


Goals of the ECP Committee:

  • Support ECPs financially
  • Increase networking opportunities
  • Bring more diversity issues to IPA
  • Increase ECP presence on social media

Benefits of becoming an IPA member as an ECP:

  • Access to resources for starting or managing a private practice in Iowa

  • Access to various opportunities for networking, consultation, and training

  • ECPs receive discounts on their IPA membership fees for the first 3 years after receiving their doctorate

  • Discounted attendance for IPA-sponsored conferences and workshops

  • Access to the IPA and ECP listservs

  • Access to online job listings

Recent ECP Committee activities:

  • Hosting regional networking events

  • Surveying the ECPs of IPA to gain feedback about how the committee can better meet the needs of ECPs

  • Curating salons to improve civic engagement

  • Bringing the ECP perspective to several other IPA committees and IPA leadership

Connect with us!

There are several ways to connect with other ECPs:

  • Join the ECP Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/275287519539532/)
  • As an IPA member, you can join the ECP circle on your member page
  • Join the ECP Committee! New committee members are always welcome. Please contact the Committee Chair, Dr. Maggie Doyle


ECP Scholarships

The scholarships were developed by the ECP Committee and funded by IPF in an effort to financially support ECPs.


The first scholarship is to help ECPs become licensed in Iowa (e.g., help pay for EPPP and initial licensure costs).

  • This scholarship has been awarded yearly since 2016.
  • Previous winners of this scholarship include: Mallory Bolenbaugh, Ph.D (2021), Mary Schenkenfelder, Ph.D (2020), Indria Jenkins, Ph.D. (2019), Kaitlyn Van Pay, Ph.D. (2018), Michelle Nanji, Ph.D. (2018), Renee Pingel, Psy.D. (2017), Maggie Doyle, Psy.D. (2016), and Jeritt Tucker, Ph.D. (2016)

The second scholarship began in 2020 and is for licensed ECPs to use toward practicing and maintaining licensure in Iowa (e.g., IPA membership, license renewal, CEs). 

  • Winners of this scholarship have included: Paul Ascheman, Ph.D. (2021), Mark Poeppe, Psy.D. (2021), Lauren Garvin, Ph.D.(2020), and Lauren Welter, Ph.D. (2020)


"The award was used to offset costs of sitting for the exam as well as purchase practice assessments, which really helped me emphasize retrieval-based learning." (Jeritt Tucker)


"I am so appreciative of the scholarship money and clear effort from the Iowa Psychological Association to help ease the financial burdens early career psychologists face. I passed my EPPP in late April 2017 and used my scholarship money to fund the bulk of the testing fee. It was a tremendous relief to have the $500.00 so I could focus on studying without the additional financial pressure in an already stressful period." (Renee Pingel)


"The ECP scholarship significantly helped offset the costs of taking the EPPP and applying for licensure. I really appreciated the support of IPA with this scholarship, especially during my first year post-training when exam and licensure fees are a higher financial burden.” (Kaitlyn Van Pay)


The second scholarship began in 2020 and is for licensed ECPs to use toward practicing and maintaining licensure in Iowa (e.g., IPA membership, license renewal, CEs). 

  • Winners of this scholarship have included: Lauren Garvin, Ph.D.(2020) and Lauren Welter, Ph.D. (2020)

Michelle Greiner Early Career Psychologist Award

This award honors an ECP who has made significant contributions to the field of psychology in Iowa and/or the local or national community. Recipients of this award must be an active IPA member and have demonstrated active participation in IPA.

Previous award winners include: Brittany Neef, Psy.D. (2020), Benjamin Tallman, Ph.D. (2019), Joyce Goins-Fernandez, Ph.D. (2019), Kayla Davidson, Psy.D. (2018), Amanda Johnson, Ph.D. (2016), and Jennifer Kauder, Ph.D. (2016)



ECP Resources

  • Other Sites for Business Development
  • GoDaddy: domain hosting, website builder, email, Microsoft Office, business phone number
  • G Suite: email, calendar, unlimited cloud storage


Getting Licensed