The IPA Executive Council meets 6 times per year and is comprised of 13 members. Below are the 2022 members along with our Executive Director, Suzanne Hull. To contact the individuals below, please email [email protected].

Picture of Nicole Keedy

Nicole Keedy, Ph.D.
President (2022)

Picture of Nic Holmberg

Nic Holmberg, Ph.D.
President-Elect (2022)

Picture of Valerie Keffala

Valerie Keffala, Ph.D., ABPP
Past-President (2022)


Picture of Sarah Fetter Anthoney 
Sarah Fetter, Ph.D.
Treasurer (2022 - 2024)
Picture of Laura Fuller 
Laura L. Fuller, Ph.D.
Secretary (2020 - 2022)
 Picture of Paul Ascheman
Paul Ascheman, Ph.D.
State Advocacy Coordinator (2022)

Picture of JoAnna Romero-Cartaya

JoAnna Romero-Cartaya, Ph.D.
Federal Advocacy Coordinator (2022)


 Picture of Sally Oakes Edman

Sally Oakes Edman, Ph.D.
APA Representative (2022)



Eric Field
APAGS Representative (2022)


 Picture of Scott Young

Scott Young, Ph.D.
IPA Representative - Year 2 (2020 - 2022)


Picture of Katie Kopp

Katie Kopp, Ph.D.
IPA Representative - Year 1 (2022 - 2023)

Picture of Joyce Goins-Fernandez

Joyce Goins-Fernandez, Ph.D.
IPA Diversity Liaison (2023)


Picture of Suzanne Hull

Suzanne Hull
Executive Director