Our Mission

The mission of the Iowa Psychological Foundation is to cultivate public understanding of the crucial role psychology plays in strengthening the health, productivity and happiness of all Iowans. In addition, IPF encourages and supports psychology students, educators and practitioners in their efforts to improve their skills, conduct research and educate their communities about the power of psychology to improve lives.

Our Promise to Iowa

The Iowa Psychological Foundation is a caretaker and navigational force established to promote psychological resources in Iowa. We seek out unrecognized or under-utilized resources, link the program providers with others who have similar goals or target audiences, and ensure that resources are made available to the people of Iowa. In short, we pull together the best of what is available in order to offer more.

Our Objectives

A changing world demands flexibility in the services offered to meet challenges as they are presented. As stewards of Iowa psychology, the Foundation will capitalize on existing knowledge and coordinate efforts to unite resources and people. Among the Foundation’s most pressing objectives are to

  • support the teaching of psychology,
  • foster the training and education of psychologists,
  • promote healthier lifestyles for citizens of Iowa,
  • strengthen and nurture families,
  • improve the quality of life for all Iowans, including those who are specially challenged,
  • encourage use of psychological knowledge in public service, public policy, and advocacy, and
  • enhance the work place in terms of safety, productivity, and satisfaction.

Our Target Audience

The Foundation supports the psychological well being of all Iowans; this includes

  • psychologists in practice seeking out resources to enhance their knowledge base and effectiveness,
  • academicians who train future psychologists and conduct meaningful research,
  • business executives who are concerned about productivity and the wise use of human resources, and
  • families and individuals who struggle in today’s exceedingly complex society.

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