IPA Diversity and Social Justice Committee Duties

Created: July 2020 by Joyce Goins-Fernandez, Ph.D.
Desired capacity: 2 Co-Chairs and 8 active members


DSJ Committee Co-Chair #1 (10 hours per month):

1)      Organize and lead monthly DSJ meeting (2.5 hours per month)

  • Chair the Committee Meetings – currently monthly, but at the discretion of the committee. 
  • Create agenda, minutes, Zoom link, and task lists

2)      With the help of committee members, the Chair organizes diversity trainings for IPA membership (e.g., salons, workshops, or retreats) (1-2 hours per month)

3)      Organize Special Initiatives (e.g., diversity town halls, surveys) (2-3 hours per month)

4)      Organize social events (e.g., coffee and conversations) (When there is a social, 1 hour per month)

5)      Notify membership of local diversity community events (e.g., Pride week, Juneteenth Day Picnic, lectures, etc).  (30 mins per month)   

6)      Contribute to the Winter TIP by writing a Diversity Update. This article updates IPA membership about all the committee’s efforts for the year. (1 hour)

7)      Diversity Spotlights on E-list (30 mins)

8)      Bimonthly Executive Council Reports (15 minutes)

9)      Submit annual diversity updates to APA (1 hour)

10)    Respond to member, EC, and committee emails regarding ongoing initiatives, projects, or any issues that arise.


DSJ Committee Co-Chair #2 (4 hours per month):

1)      Maintain DSJ content on IPA website

2)      Ensure DSJ committee member profiles are current

3)      Remove past events promoted by DSJ

4)      Post upcoming diversity events and trainings

5)      Update list of resources as needed


Optional Co-Chair Duties:

Attend Executive Council meetings every other month.


Role of DSJ Committee Members:

1)      Attend monthly DSJ meetings

2)      Write a Diversity Profile to submit to the E-List

3)      Contribute at least 1 article to TIP

4)      Assist Chair with organizing diversity trainings (e.g., salons, workshops, retreats)

5)      Assist chair with organizing initiatives and special projects (e.g., town halls, creating surveys, etc.)

6)      Help organize social events (e.g., Coffee and Conversations)