IPA Membership Committee Duties

Created: 2019 by Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D.
Updated: 2021 by Membership Committee
Desired capacity: 2 Co-Chairs, Executive Director, and 4-6 active members


Membership Committee Co-Chairs:

Co-Chair #1:

Emphasis on committee responsibilities, goals, and strategies (10 hours per month) 

1)      Organize MC meetings (3.5 hours per month)

  • Chair the Committee Meetings – currently monthly, but at the discretion of the committee
  • Create agenda, minutes, Zoom link, and task lists

2)      Communicate to membership and respond to relevant emails and requests (1 hour per month)

3)      Delegate and assist with specific projects/strategies (1 hour per month)

4)      Various meetings/communication with leadership (1 hour per month)

5)      Prepare bimonthly Executive Council (EC) report and attendance at EC meetings (3.5 hours every 2 months)

  • Track new members for the EC Reports
  • Include action items that require EC vote or input. Identify strategies to ensure member retention or recruitment success.

6)      Conference-related planning and execution (4 hours, twice per year)

7)      Blog articles (3 hours, once or twice per year)

  • Include report on MC Strategic Plan efforts for a winter blog post

8)      Goal and strategy-setting and associated meetings (4 hours, once per year)

  • Ensure an annual review and commitment to the committee’s Strategic Planning goals

9)      Special projects, as needed


Co-Chair #2:

Emphasis on recruitment, applications, renewals, and E-list (10 hours per month) 

1)      Respond to applications (1.5 hours per month)

  • Connect new members with warm outreach members, as requested
  • Send out the new member descriptions and introductions to the E-list

2)      Send emails to all IPA members regarding specific membership issues (30 minutes per month)

3)      Communicate to membership and responding to general member questions (2 hours per month)

4)      Ensure online IPA Committee descriptions and Student Committee list are updated annually

5)      MemberClicks tasks and invoicing (1 hour per month)

  • Monitor and follow-up regarding unpaid dues invoices

6)      Website committee- related tasks (1.5 hours per month)

7)      Various meetings/communication with leadership (1 hour per month)

  • Collaborate with the treasurer in addressing specific member dues issues, and in sending a letter regarding the renewal process in December
  • Submit a list of new licensees to Executive Director in August/September to send recruitment letters

8)      Recruitment letters/outreach (2 hours, every 2 months)

9)      Coordinate renewal follow-up (6 hours beginning of year)

  • Create and maintain spreadsheet of non-renewed members
  • Disseminate renewal scripts and divide tasks between committee members
  • Suspend non-renewed members

10)  Update number spreadsheets and report to EC and at conference each year (4 hours, once per year)

11)  Write a blog submission (3 hours, once or twice per year)

  • Include report on membership numbers for a summer blog post.

12)  Special projects, as needed

13) Coordinate the Student Mentorship and Sponsorship programs

  • Advertise both programs to membership and in student recruitment materials
  • Recruit IPA members to serve as mentors
  • Match student members with mentors
  • Request donations to support sponsorship program


Membership Committee Members:

1)      Attend monthly committee meetings

2)      Identify means to enhance connections and improve communication between IPA members

3)      Assist in organizing 2 conference social events annually

4)      Engage in recruitment of new members (licensed psychologists, psychology faculty, counseling center staff, graduate students, undergraduate students)

  • This may include email outreach, writing and sending letters, involvement in social media and E-lists

5)      Brainstorm and implement rewards and benefits of membership

6)      Organize initiatives to retain IPA members

7)      Assist in annual follow-up with non-renewed members