IPA Disaster Response Committee (DRC) Description

Desired capacity: 1 Chair (or 2 Co-Chairs) and 4-10 active members

Objectives: Support IPA members and the public in responding to disasters through (1) establishing key partnerships with IPA committees as well as local and national disaster-related organizations, (2) educating IPA members and the public on disaster mental health, and (3) supporting efforts to recruit more disaster mental health volunteers in the state of Iowa.


Composition of the DRC Committee:

  1. The Chair or Co-Chair is appointed by the President, at the recommendation of the committee, and serves a term of two years. The Chair or Co-Chair is eligible for continuous terms if they so desire, and if they have the approval of the President. Each term begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of every other calendar year.
  2. The Committee will ideally be comprised of 4-10 active members including IPA student members.
  3. All IPA student members are welcome and encouraged to join the committee.


Committee Chair (Co-Chair) Responsibilities:

  1. Committee Meetings:
    1. Organize quarterly (or more frequent) meetings.
    2. Conduct meetings, send out agendas in advance of meetings, and take meeting minutes or appoint someone to do so.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Submit a written report to the Executive Council prior to EC Meetings. If there is nothing to report, the Chair/Co-Chair will submit a report to the EC stating there was nothing to report.
    2. Submit an annual Strategic Plan Worksheet for the following year prior to the December EC meeting of the current year.
    3. Submit an annual Strategic Plan Report summarizing progress toward goals and objectives prior to the December EC meeting of the current year.
    4. Submit a report to the President for the Annual Report/Business Meeting in April of each year.
  3. Respond to relevant emails and requests for information/support in response to disasters affecting members. If unable to respond, will delegate to another committee member.
  4. Maintain files for smooth transfer of information and responsibilities to incoming Committee Chairs.
  5. Ensure review and implementation of the Committee’s Strategic Plan.
  6. Delegate tasks to committee members and ensure oversight and follow-up of tasks for reporting to Executive Council.


Committee Member Responsibilities:

  1. Actively participate in committee meetings.
  2. Participate actively in committee document creation including reviewing documents sent out by the Chair/Co-Chair in advance of each meeting.
  3. Committee members will serve a term of at least one year and are encouraged to continue involvement as able.
  4. Complete free one-hour Red Cross Introductory Disaster Mental Health Training or one-hour Psychological First Aid Training.
  5. Additional disaster mental health trainings and service opportunities are encouraged but not required.


Committee Tasks:

  1. Identify, establish, and maintain key partnerships with local and national disaster-related organizations.
  2. Coordinate with other IPA committees as appropriate.
  3. Educate IPA Membership on disaster mental health.
  4. Maintain list of disaster-related resources and distribute to membership and the public as needed.
  5. Coordinate with the Public Education Committee to provide disaster-related resources to the public.
  6. Collaborate with the WEB Committee to develop and publish relevant disaster-related website to IPA members and the public.
  7. Encourage clinician engagement in disaster response efforts.



DRC Committee Description updated on 7/31/22.