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IPA Service: Get a Great Return on Your Investment

The Membership Committee strives to increase member participation in activities that promote the IPA mission and Strategic Plan. A primary Membership Committee objective is to assist IPA’s standing committees in reaching their desired capacities. Over the past year, our Finance, Psychopharmacology, and Diversity and Social Justice committees have benefitted from the participation of some of the newest IPA members, including student members. This effort has been greatly appreciated. Meanwhile, the majority of IPA committees continue to seek members.

The success of IPA requires each of us to consider how we can best contribute to the association. Prior to serving initially as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee and now, additionally, as President-Elect of IPA, I recall declining repeated requests to increase participation in the association, explaining that my time was too limited. Upon reflection, however, I recognized that IPA only functions as an association due to the volunteerism of a number of dedicated members who ensure that we are able to successfully organize and advocate for the profession of psychology and the well-being of the Iowans we serve.

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ECP Scholarship Winners

EPPP Scholarship Winner Spotlight

Mary Schenkenfelder, PhD graduated from the Counseling Psychology program at Iowa State University in 2020 and she is currently a post-doctoral resident at Central Iowa Psychological Services. She has been an active member of IPA for over four years and currently participates on the IPA website and DSJ committees. As for the future, once licensed, she plans to stay in central Iowa and continue to do therapy and assessment with diverse individuals. More specifically, Dr. Schenkenfelder is interested in working with clients with trauma and transgender individuals and hopes to get trained in EMDR.

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