What Does IPA Membership Mean to You?

As I reflect on the lessons learned in 2020, what stands out most is a renewed sense of what is truly important to me. The initial images of 2020 may be filled with loss, grief, incredulity, horror, and discontent. However, my memories of 2020 are brightened by quality time spent with immediate family, Zoom meetings with friends and colleagues, home cooked meals, family game nights, handwritten cards, and care packages. While some previously taken-for-granted conveniences and social opportunities were certainly missed, I developed a greater appreciation for the connections I have with the special people in my life. For me, connection was the key to surviving 2020.

The opportunities IPA provided for connection with colleagues this past year have been invaluable. Through connection, support, and collaboration with IPA colleagues, I have commiserated, laughed, and learned. I was so grateful for the Zoom support meetings while I was trying to figure out how to convert our clinic to telehealth services. I grew as a person and clinician through the conversations, trainings, and book clubs led by the Diversity and Social Justice Committee. I earned CEs from incredible psychologists and legal advisors within the state and across the nation. IPA’s advocacy efforts were instrumental in reducing financial strain for my clinic. Over the past year, IPA has offered rich opportunities for community and connection among its members, and IPA will continue to offer those opportunities in the coming year.

As co-chair of the membership committee, an essential responsibility is recognizing and communicating to others the benefits of IPA. To that end, I recently reached out to IPA members asking them what IPA membership means to them, and I am so appreciative of their thoughtful and uplifting responses, which are provided below.

“IPA was truly essential for facilitating my successful transition to telepsychology and has provided many excellent training opportunities at no cost, including a program on Implicit Bias in treatment settings. The proactive leadership teams are always looking for ways to offer new benefits for members. IPA ensures that my concerns about state legislation are being addressed.” -- Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D.

“Over my 35 years in this profession IPA offered critical collegial support, practice education, advocacy and consultation as well as a sense of shared pride and identity.” -- Dan Courtney Ph.D.

“IPA membership introduced me to professionals in my community and allowed me to learn more about current issues in the field. My IPA membership is one of the reasons I'm so confident that I want to go into clinical psychology.” -- Maggie Wildermuth, Senior in Psychology at Drake University

“IPA is a wonderful professional organization; in particular, the opportunities for mentorship, collaborating with colleagues across the state, and continuing education are outstanding.” – Lauren Garvin, PhD

“I work in a small clinic without any other psychologists. Thanks to IPA, I've been able to connect with other professionals quickly after moving back to Iowa. Plus, free CEUs! “ – Katie Kopp, PhD

“Membership in IPA keeps me informed, connected, and well prepared to advocate for the practice of psychology in Iowa. I appreciate the enriching learning opportunities, relationships, and leadership experiences I have gained through this fantastic association.” – Nicole Keedy, PhD

“IPA membership has been a great networking opportunity—even giving me an opportunity to meet psychologists in the institution where I work but where I don’t have a chance to interact with people in other departments—and the educational opportunities are fantastic. They are inexpensive and offer an array of topics that are pertinent to my work.” – Jody Jones, PhD

Many of us have been impacted financially by the numerous disasters of 2020, and we may be taking extra care in considering our budgets in the coming year. My sincere hope is that you, too, have experienced the benefits of IPA in the past year and choose to renew your membership for 2021. The greatness of this organization is its members, and your continued presence in our community is needed. If you have any questions about membership renewal, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. I am looking forward to continuing to build this community with you in 2021.

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