Membership Update 2022

headshot of Dr. Nicole Keedyheadshot of Dr. Alissa DoobayAs Co-Chairs of the Membership Committee, we were recently forwarded correspondence by Dr. Bethe Lonning, IPA’s Director of Professional Affairs, that she received from Dr. Lawrence Perlman, Member at Large for APA’s Division 31 (Division for State, Provincial, and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs). Dr. Perlman requested updated information regarding IPA’s membership numbers. In the message, Dr. Perlman stated that his research of state associations found Iowa to have notably high success for recruiting and retaining members with a budget of our size, which he labeled a “remarkable achievement.” He intended to highlight IPA’s accomplishments in a Division 31 presentation at APA’s annual convention.  Dr. Doobay provided the following totals for each membership type to Dr. Perlman, as of August 1, 2022: 

Full Member: 147
Academic:     9
Advocacy-Exempt:     9
Early Career Psychologist:   18
Student Member:   39
Lifetime/retired:   44
Out-of-State:   10
Associate:     6
Total IPA Members: 282

Number of IPA Members who are Licensed Psychologists in Iowa: 176
Number of Licensed Psychologists in Iowa (and living in Iowa): 489
Percent of Iowa Licensed Psychologists in Iowa who are members of IPA: 36% 

We have known for several years that IPA has celebrated one of the highest percentages of licensed psychologists who reside in the state and who are members of their state association. Receiving recognition from APA’s Division 31 confirmed and reinforced the collective efforts of various IPA committees and leaders in the association who have assisted in both recruitment and retention of our devoted and active members. 

With this blog post, we hope to share our joy upon receiving this uplifting recognition with all IPA members. Iowa’s psychologists are a uniquely involved and connected group and we continue to grow.  As shown in the graph, our membership numbers have risen over the past two years, creating an incredible sense of pride for IPA leadership. We have many people to thank for their tireless work that maintains the strength, productivity, and many benefits of this outstanding association. 

As always, our connection serves as a driving force for our success as an association. Thank each of you for your contributions to the organization and your efforts to maintain meaningful connection with other members. Please continue to share your experiences with prospect members who could also benefit from joining what many members consider to be their professional home. As we grow in numbers, we expand our diverse experiences, we broaden geographical representation in Iowa, and we strengthen our ability to advance the mission of the association. Many thanks to each of you for your part in this growth.


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Ashley Freeman - Friday, August 19, 2022

Thanks for this blog post! I enjoyed seeing the updated membership numbers. Great work, Membership Committee!

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