Join IPA Leadership: Enjoy the Rewards of Leadership and Service

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The Iowa Psychological Association (IPA) celebrates a strong membership community with many efforts that support Iowa psychologists and the Iowans we serve. While the financial contributions that support the organization’s efforts are essential to its functioning, the voluntary efforts of its leadership provide the core benefits of the organization.

Psychologists tend to value life balance and, as a result, they may hesitate to add to an already depleting assortment of professional responsibilities. At the same time, psychologists tend to recognize the value of service and community for life fulfillment and well-being. It is in acknowledgement of this latter value that the Presidential Triad of IPA wishes to request that members consider pursuing a meaningful
endeavor that is likely to contribute both personal nourishment and overall benefit to this association.

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IPA is actively seeking members to fill the following roles:
 (Co)Chair(s) of the Diversity and Social Justice Committee
 (Co)Chair(s) of the Ethics Committee
 State Advocacy Coordinator
 Ethics Committee members
 Early Career Psychologist Committee members

To demonstrate the value to membership and the reward to individuals participating in these roles, we offer the following member testimonials. We encourage you to offer your service to this organization and join an engaging and ambitious group of leaders who sustain the core activities of the association.  Students are encouraged to join committees, as well!

I currently serve as the 2nd year IPA Representative and co-chair the WEB committee, as well as serve on the psychopharmacology committee. I have found significant benefit from jumping into a leadership position. I've gotten to know IPA members from across the state and have so much more awareness about advocacy efforts and other amazing things that Iowa psychologists are doing. It may sound odd, but volunteering with IPA helps me to feel like I'm getting the full value out of my IPA membership. If there is anything holding you back, feel free to reach out to any of us and we can answer any questions you may have. 
-Katie Kopp, PhD

With the committees, blog postings, and other conversations that happen around the listserv, it feels less intimidating to connect with psychologists around the state. To see all the conversations going on also helps me feel confident that when a question or concern comes up for me in the future, I know there's a group here that can hold space for that with me.
-David Drustrup, M.A.

I never realized the advocacy that IPA was doing on behalf of psychologists and mental health providers across the state of Iowa. Without their intervention, Wellmark would have significantly reduced reimbursements for psychotherapy in 2020. Staying in business as a small private practice would have been a lot harder. I can't thank IPA enough for fighting for mental health and mental health providers in the state of Iowa.
-Jason Drwal, Ph.D.

Advocacy is a team effort. Much of the heavy lifting is done by our great lobbyist team. The State Advocacy Coordinator is a coordinator position and can delegate many tasks to volunteers. Priorities are establishing an advocacy agenda with the consent of the Executive Council (EC), communicating with IPA members about advocacy issues, acting as a voting member of the EC, and holding a  legislative breakfast. I have found it incredibly rewarding and educational. I feel like a better-informed citizen and enjoy learning about the “behind the scenes” in state governance. I look forward to continuing on the committee as an advocate and hope that you consider putting yourself up for this position.
-Paul Ascheman, PhD

I have connected with psychologists across the state through online events organized by the Diversity & Social Justice committee, including town halls, book discussions, Crucial Conversations group, and continuing education trainings on racial equity topics.  These IPA programs give members an opportunity to co-create a professional community working toward social justice, to uphold our ethical responsibility to do so. I am grateful that IPA has become an organization that provides opportunities to channel the privilege we hold as psychologists toward advocacy efforts that promote the health, safety and well-being of all Iowans.
-Sarah Fetter, PhD

Serving as chair and co-chair of the IPA Diversity and Social Justice Committee has been a rewarding experience. As chair/co-chair, I am able to contribute to a welcoming and inclusive environment for all IPA members. I am passionate about issues of social justice and I enjoy putting together educational programming that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and issues of social justice. Being chair/co-chair has also presented me with the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for APA’s Practice Leadership Conference where I was able to network with other psychologists involved in DEI initiatives for their state psychological associations. If thinking about becoming chair or co-chair of the DSJ Committee, don’t hesitate to ask me questions. You will not be alone! As current Diversity Liaison for IPA, I attend every DSJ committee meeting.
-Joy Goins-Fernandez, PhD

Being involved with the DSJc, first as a member and then as co-/chair, was incredibly rewarding. My participation in the committee helped expand my knowledge and awareness of many issues related to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. It felt wonderful to bring that crucial education to IPA members through a variety of events, such as book and film club discussions
and CE trainings. I also loved collaborating with the committee's numerous student members because they have fresh ideas and a lot of enthusiasm. I believe the work this committee does helps not only IPA members, but also the Iowans they serve. 
-Nicole Holmberg, PhD

I joined IPA in 2018 as an Early Career Psychologist. Coming from the West Coast, I was eager to find my new professional home in Iowa. After feeling quite isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic, I began looking for more opportunities to get involved within IPA. Fortunately, it was easy to identify the goals and objectives of various committees and join one that fit with my interests. Since joining the IPA Membership Committee and serving as the liaison to the ECP Committee, I have enjoyed learning more about the inner workings of this organization and efforts to enhance connection and mentorship between members and trainees. This year, I also participated in the Student Mentorship Program, which I have greatly enjoyed and has allowed me to be mor involved in the doctoral programs here in Iowa. Overall, I would highly recommend getting involved and participating in IPA. 
-Jenna Paternostro, PhD

Without the encouragement of a few key leaders in IPA, I would not have recognized the immensely valuable opportunity I would have missed had I only participated in IPA via the member email list. IPA has so much to offer that is only truly appreciated through active participation in the committees and/or Executive Council. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills in leadership and nonprofit organization management. Additionally, I have deepened existing friendships and gained new and immensely rewarding friendships with psychologists across Iowa that I expect to continue to grow. I hope that members will independently seize the
opportunity to get involved without requiring the individualized encouragement I now wish I had not initially needed to take that step.
-Nicole Keedy, PhD


Please contact IPA President, Dr. Nicole Holmberg at [email protected] to learn about ways to increase your involvement in the association. We are especially hoping to fill the open positions listed above and we welcome interest in any of the committees. You may find additional information about all IPA committees on the website:


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